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Spring 2024

nwrz starts producing DRY, a queer near future drama of two young women in Catalunia, who face the effects of a drought.


RTALIN x Queerforward: The Dancing Mania Trilogy (Official Music Video)

This unique music video trilogy features the 2024 passed away Berlin Underground Musician RTALIN and his three released songs: SNAKE PLANT, NU & UR HICCUPS!

Directed by Joyce V Newrzella

Co-Direction by RTALIN

Cinematography by Marco Borowski

Costume Design by Alex Leali

Set Design by Neza

Sound Design by Moritz Schetter

Editing by Konstantin Puts

Color Grading by Ben Packer

Animation by Frederik Willmann

Illustration by Jule Roschlau

Poster Design by NWRZ x JR

Produced by
Queerforward 2022 

thoughts on chair: Conversation with Veronique Charlotte (gender project BERLIN)

After acclaimed photo exhibitions in London (2019) and Milan (2020), Italian artist Veronique Charlotte brings their GENDER PROJECT to Berlin.

Veronique has photographed 100 Berlin residents to capture their uniqueness.

The portraits have been shown from 28 to 30 October 2022 at the Alte Münze, Berlin.

During the process of the shooting, visual artist Joyce V Newrzella had the opportunity to speak with Veronique about the project, gender and why the future is trans.

Directed &
Camera &
Editing by Joyce V Newrzella

Music by Karl F. Schulz

Produced by
nwrz 2022


HEX by Carly Lave (Performance Art)

HEX is a solo performance staged within a hexagon, lined by LED lights along its six sides. Utilizing cutting-edge lighting design, HEX is envisioned as a contemporary dance that forges a choreography of the body and choreography of light.

Premiered June 28 2022 Hosek Contemporary | Berlin, Germany

Concept & Performance by Carly Lave

Sound by GiGi FM

Music HEX Soundscore
Written, composed and produced by "GiGi FM" © 2022

Light Design by VeslemoyRustand Holseter

Costume Design by Marina Stillger

Dramaturgy by
Sophie Spiral Schultze-Allen

Videography by Joyce V Newrzella

Design by Sijya Gupta

produced by
Apricot Productions 2022 

EO TWINS Daddy Yankee - Problema Dance Challenge (Social Media Content)

The Venezuelan Twins Emilio and Orlando, short EO Twins, rocking Daddy Yankees Problema Dance Challenge.

They are professional dancers and founders of the Reggaeton Dance Company Bellakeo.

You find more of the twins on Instagram @eotwins.

directed &
filmed &
edited by Joyce V Newrzella

produced by 
nwrz 2021

Nela & Frankie - Love Took Control (Official Music Video)

Love Took Control is Nela & Frankie´s firs project. In this original track Frankie blends her soulful vocals with Nela´s groovy beats, reminding that summer is just around the corner.

Directed by Joyce V Newrzella

Cinematography by Marco Borowski

Hair & Make-up by Anja Kieselbach

Styling by Mesu Diye

Song produced by NELA

Vocals and lyrics by Frankie Balou

produced by
Queerforward 2021

AIC BauPro Save Imagefilm (Video on Demand)

AIC is an international, independent insurance broker in the real estate industry with a focus on planning and real estate risks managment.


directed by Joyce V Newrzella

Cinematography by Marco Borowski

Editing by Joyce V Newrzella

produced 2021


❌ B O C K ❌ - Imagefilm produced by QF

BOCK is an aspiring fashion brand form Berlin, which is deeply rooted in the rave culture of the city. They are are focusing on social responsibility and produce their clothes sustainable.


Directed by Marco Borowski

Cinematography by Joyce V Newrzella & Marco Borowski

Editing by Joyce V Newrzella

Music Composition by Karl F. Schulz 

Executive Production by Marvin Wenzel

produced by
Queerforward 2021

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